Project: Product Pipeline

At Pfizer, I managed all aspects of ongoing website maintenance, enhancements, and content management as directed by the Pfizer Global Communications team. Major tasks included regularly addressing and rectifying security audit findings, planning the creation and Information Architecture of major website sections, features, and initiatives, as well as weekly status reporting to Pfizer stakeholders.

Project Specifics

Project called for the creation of a page that would keep stakeholders abreast of Pfizer’s product pipeline. It called for dynamic design, enabling site visitors to perform complicated sorts and searches using varied criteria, as well as integration with a quarterly updated XML file which had to be created using feeds from disparate and far-flung departments.

I managed the design, creation, and testing of the pages, as well as the ongoing maintenance.

The current version is slightly different, but has maintained the same functionality, and is live at the following link:

Live Link